Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Using Sourdough Starter to Make Pizza Dough

With all of the starter testing I've been doing, I've thrown a lot of "dough" down the drain. Last night, I decided that would all end. After halving my pineapple starter, I saved it in a ziploc bag in the fridge.

Not having enough to make dough for the whole family, I combined it with a recipe from my current favorite cookbook ever "Cook This, Not That." (Seriously, this cookbook is the BOMB! We've tried about thirty recipes - 15 are "keepers," 13 are "can we have that every night?" and only 2 have been relegated to the "try again - maybe?" category - probably because I had to make revisions due to ingredients on hand.)

Here's the Recipe I used for INCREDIBLE Pizza Dough:

Mix 1 tsp. Instant Dry Yeast
With 1 Cup HOT water (yes, hot!)
Now, turn on the oven to 450 degrees fahrenheit - trust me, now is the time.
Then ADD:
1 tsp. Salt (preferably Sea Salt - I used Fleur de Sel because it was what I had in the kitchen)
3/4 Tbl. Olive Oil
1 Tbl. Agave Nectar (or use Honey, or even regular sugar - I'm watching my carb sources)
Stir well while water is still hot. Stir until the "sugar" is well disolved. Then...
1 Cup Sourdough Starter
3-1/2 Cups Flour (approximate!) (I used unbleached white flour - knock yourself out, use what you have)
2 Tbl. assorted cheeses (mine was a mix of Romano, Edam, Cotija, Parmesan, Asiago - dry, whatever you have on hand cheese)
1 Tbl. Italian seasoning (Oregano alone does fine, as does Marjoram, Basil, Parsley) - or skip this altogether, it really doesn't matter; if all you have is garlic and/or onion powder (or minced, either/both), toss some of this in; if you don't, don't worry about it. Seriously.
Mix until most of flour is incorporated. Don't kill yourself getting it all in. Add more flour or water as needed. You want a thick dough that doesn't stick. Turn out onto a floured counter (or kraft paper, in our case), and roll from the center out until you reach about a 15"-18" diameter.
Semi-bake for 5 minutes. Pull out, (and knock down if it's puffed up too much,like ours was) and top with Olive Oil (thin coat) and your favorite ingredients.
Topping Ideas (mix & match): Chicken, Ham, Bacon, Onions, Green Chile, Alfredo Sauce, Cheese (any kind), Pepperoni, Jalapenos, Tomatoes, Pesto, Mushrooms, Pineapple, Bell Pepper - whatever you like, great time to clear the fridge!
Bake for 12-30 minutes. We gave it 15 minutes, then turned off the oven and just let it sit. Judge doneness by the appearance of the toppings and when the crust looks done. You'll know when it's right. In our house it was like Taco Night - everybody did their own, and everybody was truly happy.


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